Friday, 27 April 2012

Anna University UG/PG May-June 2012 Exam Dates Rescheduled
Anna University Chennai has changed UG and PG Degree Programmes examination scheduled. The exams begin on 28th May, 2012 and end on 9th June, 2012. Theory Examination scheduled for certain dates of May/June 2012 Examinations of Anna University pertainin to all Affiliated Colleges for the UG and PG Degree Programes are Rescheduled due to administrative reasons. The details are given bellow :

Dates of Exams originally scheduled~~~~~~Rescheduled Date of Examination
I 3.5.2012 Forenoon - Thursday ~~~~~~ 28.5.2012 Forenoon - Monday
3.5.2012 Afternoon -Thursday ~~~~~~ 28.5.2012 Afternoon - Monday
4.5.2012 Forenoon – Friday ~~~~~~ 29.5.2012 Forenoon - Tuesday
4.5.2012 Afternoon – Friday ~~~~~~ 29.5.2012 Afternoon - Tuesday
5.5.2012 Forenoon – Saturday ~~~~~~ 30.5.2012 Forenoon - Wednesday
5.5.2012 Afternoon – Saturday ~~~~~~ 30.5.2012 Afternoon – Wednesday
II 28.5.2012 Forenoon - Monday ~~~~~~ 7.6.2012 Forenoon - Thursday
28.5.2012 Afternoon - Monday ~~~~~~ 7.6.2012 Afternoon - Thursday
29.5.2012 Forenoon - Tuesday ~~~~~~ 8.6.2012 Forenoon - Friday
29.5.2012 Afternoon - Tuesday ~~~~~~ 8.6.2012 Afternoon - Friday
30.5.2012 Forenoon – Wednesday ~~~~~~ 9.6.2012 Forenoon - Saturday
30.5.2012 Afternoon – Wednesday ~~~~~~ 9.6.2012 Afternoon - Saturday

The Anna University, which is of the affiliated type, is a member of the Association of Indian Universities, the Association of Commonwealth Universities and Partner of UNESCO International Center for Engineering Education (UICEE). UGC have accredited Anna University with Five Star Status in 2002 which is the highest rating. With proven capabilities both in academic and research areas, Anna University was able to receive this honour for a period of five years for excellence in Technical Education.

More details about Anna University Affiliated Colleges - Rescheduling of exams on certain dates in UG/PG University Examinations May/June 2012 :


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